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the harmony of the spheres

This book examines the long tradition of the harmony of the spheres, through the translations of earlier Greek scholars.

The book looks at the difference between the quantitative and the qualitative in the idea's propagation through time.


Abel's temperament

This book examines the evidence contained in Gainsborough's portrait of Carl Friedrich Abel in the National Portrait Gallery.

Drawn from previously published papers the book details an analysis of the fret positions on Abel's viol in the portrait. Data pertaining to the fret positions measured directly from the original portrait itself, is included.



piano unison tuning


the physics of piano unisons

Piano Unison Tuning provides a general, technical description of fine-tuning piano unisons, based on the contemporary acoustical theory, which is outlined in the accompanying volume The Physics of Piano Unisons (Volume 1 of this series).

The content of this book is aimed at anyone with a technical interest in the subject, including tuning students and professionals. The discussion can be related to practice, and its only mathematical content is graphs illustrating acoustical behaviour. For a more comprehensive treatment of all aspects of piano tuning and its theory, please consult Theory and Practice of Piano Tuning.

The Physics of Piano Unisons outlines the contemporary mathematical theory for the acoustical of behaviour of piano string unisons. It presents the basic mathematical modelling for the physics and behaviour of unisons when the strings are acoustically coupled through the soundboard and bridge. The book provides the mathematical ground behind the discussion in the accompanying volume Piano Unison Tuning (Volume 2 of this series).

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