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Theory and Practice of Piano Tuning

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This is a comprehensive manual on the art and science of piano tuning. It is a repository of teaching substance and research from former lecturing at the Royal National College. It is suitable for anyone wishing to undertake a serious study of the subject, either vocationally or academically.

Over 300 illustrations and tables.

Piano Action Regulating

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The original 2007 reference source written for study on the BTEC Advanced Diploma in Piano Action Regulating, taught at the Royal National College. Covers understanding the differences between friction, inertia, mass, weight, and spring, in producing the touch, and how to combine technical and pianistic tests in regulating.

Tuning the Guitar

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Practical instruction on tuning the 6-string guitar, revealing the secrets of temperament, stopping sharp and falseness, what they are, and how to deal with them.

Piano Unison Tuning

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An exposition of the science behind the art of piano unison tuning, based on modern acoustical theory rather than the simplistic "traditional" theory. Relates to the practice and experience of students and professionals in the art of tuning, without the mathematical theory. For more technical and mathematical information please refer to the accompanying volume: The Physics of Piano Unisons.

The Physics of Piano Unisons

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An accompaniment to Piano Unison Tuning with a little more technical detail and some mathematical theory.

Abel's Temperament

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This book examines the evidence contained in Gainsborough's portrait of Carl Friedrich Abel in the National Portrait Gallery. Drawn from previously published papers the book details an analysis of the fret positions on Abel’s viol in the portrait. Data pertaining to the fret positions measured directly from the original portrait itself, is included.

The Harmony of the Spheres


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This book examines the long tradition of the harmony of the spheres, through the translations of earlier Greek scholars. The book looks at the difference between the quantitative and the qualitative in the idea’s propagation through time.

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