Fiction (from books)


Luke is seeking escape by exploring a new coastline formed after a cataclysm that changed even the geography of the Old World. A careless mistake leads to a near fatal accident that results in him being brought to an island community where he finds himself increasingly drawn into an unfolding prophecy.

As the residents of the island approach the next full moon, the islanders' conflicting intentions and beliefs about the prophecy begin to play themselves out, and Luke finds himself caught at the centre of what is happening.

As the story progresses towards its climax, the psychological space in which the events take place becomes more and more removed from normality. With an increasing blurring of the distinction between inner experience and actuality, a story of love, death, and relationships, develops. Together with the sheer power of nature, all the elements weave themselves together in a story that is more a "who will it be"? than a "whodunit".

Ekanta is a tapestry woven with and Hindu and Buddhist allusions, through a narrative of magical realism and mythic symbolism. The word Ekanta itself means both a secret place of peace and solitude, and the error of believing that there is only one true path or religion.

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