Equal temperament demo beat rates

A set of demo isolated beat rates for an equally tempered scale, at the correct partial pitch for tuning pitch at A440.


Beat isolation ear training

For ear training: A set of demo major thirds C4 to E4 with variable beat rates, together with the corresponding isolated partial.


Demonstration double beat rate

In a double beat rate there is more than one distinct beat rate in a single beating partial, which can lead to confusion over the tempering of the interval.



The "Cat" in the unison

Demonstration of the principle of the “cat” in unison tuning, together with isolated partials, showing its formation from phase differences in the partials.


headphonesUse headphones!

Headphones are necessary for all these demonstrations.


headphones1Please adjust your volume right down first.

Make sure your volume is turned down before you listen to these clips, and adjust up carefully to a comfortable level.